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How Long Does Candy Really Last?

How Long Does Candy Really Last?

Have you ever found some old candy around the house or wanted to buy a bag of discount old lollies, but weren’t sure if they would still be okay to eat? How long candy stays good for is a bit of a grey area, but as candy experts, we are here to give you the inside scoop. 


This blog provides a rundown on how long different types of candy last, gives tips forpreserving your candy, and settles the question of whether you need to stick to the expiry date.


How long will my candy last? 

Each type of candy lasts for a different amount of time. This is mainly due to the different ingredients and moisture levels in the candyThose with less fat and moisture content will generally last a bit longer than other varieties. Check out the list below to see how long each type will last when stored correctly. 



When sealed in foil, dark chocolate lasts for up to two years, while milk chocolate will last for around one year. White chocolate won’t stretch this far, going bad after three to four months. The reason chocolate stays edible for so long is because the flavonoids in the chocolate prevent it from oxidising as quickly as you might expect.  


Hard candy

Great news! Hard candy such as lollipops and Jolly Ranchers last up to one year when stored correctly, in an area that’s cool and dry.


Gummy candy

Gummy or jelly candy, such as pick and mix lollies, can last for six to nine months. 



Caramel treats can last anywhere between six to twelve months. 


Does the expiration date matter? 

 Luckily, the expiration date on candy is not a hard and fast rule—it is more of a general guideline for when the candy will be at its best. Candy that is stored correctly can last much longer than the expiration date depending on the type. It’s okay to use your judgement when it comes to deciding on whether or not to eat certain sweets. If you open a packet of lollies and they are grainy, stickyand don’t taste right, they are probably past their best. With chocolate, you will know it is going bad when you can see white streakscalled “blooms”and it has a dry texture


 Why does candy last so long?

The main reason most candies can last for a long amount of time is because sugar is a great preservative! It works to inhibit the activity of microbes that cause food to spoil, and this is why hard candies that are mainly made of sugar and flavour will keep for ages! 


Tips for preserving candy 

Chocolate and lollies should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. If the candy has been opened, it needs to be stored in an airtight container as air can cause sweets to oxidise and go hard. Any extreme temperatures and high moisture levels should be avoided. Therefore, the fridge is not an ideal place to keep candy as this moist, cold environment can change the texture of your candy. You might find that lollies kept in the fridge start to get sticky, and wrappers start sticking to the candy. It’s best to stick with a kitchen cupboard that won’t face any major temperature changes



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